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Abdou Diouf makes the case for cultural diversity at the World Acadian Congress

Secretary General of La Francophonie Abdou Diouf recently took part in events held in Caraquet, New Brunswick, as part of the World Acadian Congress in Canada.

OIF reports that the secretary general was invited by Université de Moncton and once again made the case for cultural and linguistic diversity. “At a time when some seek to reduce globalization to its economic and technological dimensions, at a time when people yield to the illusion that we need only regulate the economy and world finance to affirm our community of destiny, it is our duty as willing and responsible citizens to stand up and say that culture has become the key issue of the third millennium and that we have much to fear if cultural diversity remains nothing more than an empty, ill-defined slogan,” said Diouf.

Université de Moncton took the opportunity to announce the creation of a new bursary program for students from Southern member nations of La Francophonie.
The speech is available in its entirety on the OIF website.