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The EU will earmark 5 million euros for 40 international cooperation projects in cinema

The European Commission recently announced 5 million euros in funding for 2009 to strengthen cultural ties between European and international film makers. The European Union funding will enable directors and animation and other audiovisual professionals to acquire new skills and promote the sector by cooperating with specialists in other countries. The forty projects selected will address joint training, reciprocal promotion, distribution, and film showings, as well as other activities to encourage the public, both in Europe and around the world, to discover foreign films. This funding comes under the MEDIA International Program, an initiative launched in 2008 by the European Union to provide financial support for international cooperation in cinema.

“The European film sector is exciting and innovative, and features a broad cultural diversity. The men and women who lead it want to share their knowledge with audiovisual professionals worldwide and at the same time wish to learn from other cultural contexts and experiences,” Viviane Reding, member of the European Commission Responsible for Information Society and Media. “The budget announced […] for funding these projects, namely 5 million euros, reflects the European Union’s unwavering commitment to boosting Europe’s audiovisual sectors on an international scale.”