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TV5MONDE awarded the diversum label: its financial management helps promote cultural diversity

The TV5MONDE network has announced it has been awarded the diversum label. The label shows the No. 1 worldwide French channel’s commitment to taking cultural diversity into account with regard to sustainable development. According to the press release issued on the occasion,

“The ‘diversum finance’ label was created through the initiative of civil society and guarantees that a portfolio or a financial investment serves, in a significant way (a share representing at least 25% of net assets), to finance companies or authorities that promote cultural diversity. The rating of companies or authorities, whose securities make up the portfolio or financial investment, is the result of a methodology in place since 2007 that uses various assessment criteria based on communication, advertising, human resources, and governance.

“TV5MONDE is one of the world’s top three worldwide television networks, along with MTV and CNN. TV5MONDE represents nine different channels (8 of which broadcast out of Paris and cover all continents, and TV5 Québec Canada, broadcast out of Montréal across Canada). Two hundred and seven million households receive TV5 in close to 220 countries and territories. Programs are subtitled in nine languages (English, Arab, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Romanian, Russian, and French) to 55 million individual viewers every week.”

See the press release issued for the occasion to learn more about TV5MONDE and the diversum label.