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The International Seminar on Culture and Development will take place on May 4-5, 2010, in Spain

The European Commission (E.C.) has announced the dates for the next International Seminar on Culture and Development. The event comes in the wake of the “Culture and Creativity, Vectors for Development” conference organized by the E.C. and the ACP countries (Africa, Caribbean, and the Pacific) in April 2009, which led to the adoption of the “Brussels Declaration.”

By organizing an international seminar in Girona on May 4 and 5, 2010, in conjunction with the E.C., Spain is proposing to further expand the E.U.’s cultural development cooperation. According to the event program:

“Taking into account the results and experiences stemming from the implementation of cultural development cooperation projects financed by the E.U. (Spanish Cooperation, other Member States, and the European Commission), the seminar’s primary target will be to encourage the agents responsible for cooperation in partner and donor countries, and in international organizations, to integrate culture in their development policies.

The seminar will review experiences reflecting that investing in culture is a way to attain diverse objectives in the fight against poverty, and will analyze a series of programs and projects that can serve as a collection of ‘best practices.’

The role of Spain as host country will be to share the large and fruitful experience of the Spanish Cooperation in this field. The seminar will be open to the contributions of Member States and key multilateral actors concerning their current lines of action toward this matter.

The European Commission will seek to further integrate culture into its development policies while emphasizing the key message that culture can be financed not only by establishing culture as a focal sector in the indicative national programs (INPs), but also by operating along horizontal cooperation lines such as ‘nonstate actors,’ ‘governance,’ etc.”

The international seminar program is available in English, French, and Spanish on the European Commission website.