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Damascus—the Delegation of the European Union to Syria calls for support for local and regional cultural activities

According to the European Commission (E.C.) website, the European Union delegation to Syria has called for support for local and regional cultural activities.

“Proposed projects should be innovative and highly visible. Their goal should be to encourage intercultural dialogue, provide better access to culture, and increase the capacity of Syrian cultural agents,” states the E.C.

“Priority will be given to projects that target vulnerable groups, involve young people, and use the media. Particular attention will be given to projects specifically aimed at finding solutions to local issues. Projects which can continue into the future will also be given priority.

“For an activity to be eligible, the partnership must be made up of a Syrian organization and at least two E.U. structures or one European organization and one organization from a recognized candidate for the E.U. (Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia) or an EFTA country (Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Switzerland).

“Approved projects will receive funding to the tune of €25,000 to €40,000 over a maximum of 12 months. The activity must take place within the Syrian Arab Republic and be carried out in 2011. However, certain actions may start in 2010.

“The deadline for submitting proposals is June 15, 2010, at 2:00 p.m. Damascus time.”