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TV5MONDE: The first Africa-only Web TV channel

On the occasion of the first World Africa Day on May 25, the francophone network TV5MONDE launched the first-ever Web TV channel devoted entirely to Africa.
Available free throughout the world (except in the United Kingdom and Ireland), TV5MONDE + Afrique offers a wide selection of on-demand programming featuring contemporary Africa in all its variety, creativity, and effervescence.

Films, fiction, series, documentaries, business reports, sports, politics, culture, current affairs, events, shows, and entertainment will provide an ongoing and interactive connection to Africa for those who live there or who love the continent.

TV5MONDE + Afrique will pick up programming from TV5MONDE but also have much exclusive content of its own. According to the website of Agence universitaire de la francophonie (AUF), its aim is to make up for the lack of African programming and visibility around the world.