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Digital books: Call for contributions from journal Revue BibliodiversitÉ(s)

Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) has informed us that a call for contributions has gone out for the journal Revue BibliodiversitÉ(s). This “academic journal on books in a globalized world” is published by Alliance internationale des éditeurs indépendants, in partnership with the outfit Double ponctuation. The call for contributions is on the theme Digital Books and Diversity in Publishing.

“The book publishing industry is just as affected by the ‘digital revolution’ as other cultural industries—the people who write books, those who publish them, and even those who consult them.

“Although this new reality does not mean that paper books are fated to disappear, it does pose questions about the future of book diversity.

“The big question is, Is digital publishing a threat or a boon? Or is it neither? What is most likely to happen? What strategies can we consider?

“If it is an opportunity, will digital content truly broaden what is available, quantitatively and qualitatively, or will it essentially duplicate what already exists? And with all the economic uncertainty surrounding it, will this discourage risk-taking?

“Will it offer new opportunities to smaller publishers, and to publishers in developing countries? The new digital formats are sure to affect how books are written, but will authors find them beneficial or a drag on creativity?”

These are the questions the call for contributions seeks to address. The proposal deadline is June 15, with texts due in September.

For specifications and other details on this call for contributions, see the AUF website or write to