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KORDA―all the information on public funds for film and audiovisual works in Europe in one place

The European Audiovisual Observatory recently launched its new-look KORDA database on public funding for film and audiovisual works in Europe. The database provides information on all public funding bodies active in the 36 countries belonging to the European Audiovisual Observatory. According to the Observatory, Europe boasts over 170 bodies that manage over 600 assistance programs.

“The KORDA database is a guide to public funding in Europe, listing the funds and their funding schemes and providing key information at a glance—all available online and free. It’s the perfect tool for finding your way around the European funding landscape.

KORDA provides profiles of funding bodies based in Europe in a standard format, making comparison easy. You can use KORDA to compile and download custom lists of funds corresponding to your criteria, see which projects the fund has supported in the past, check which activities and types of projects are supported, and compare the principal eligibility conditions.

And of course KORDA provides links to the websites of all the funds and shows where to look on them for guidelines and application deadlines.

Programs provide support for scriptwriters, directors, producers, distributors, sales agents, and exhibitors—if it is supported by a public funding body operating at the European, national, regional, or local level in Europe, you will find it in KORDA,” according to the KORDA press release.

The press release is available in English, French, and German.