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Call for applications for the 2010 Gulliver Connect Mobility Through Work Placements program

The Central European Foundation in Bratislava and the Felix Meritis Foundation in Amsterdam have issued a call for applications for work placements in 2010.

“This call for applications is open to those from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia […] Bulgaria, and Romania who wish to apply as visitors or host organizations.

Candidates will be arts practitioners with 2–3 years’ work experience in the field of performing arts, visual arts, (new) media, arts management, and film, as well as project coordination, art development, or management at a local/regional level in their country and who want to add an international dimension to their work.

Thanks to a large network of cultural organizations throughout Europe and beyond, Gulliver Connect offers hands-on work experience. It makes a unique contribution by providing an extensive range of host organizations to match the individual talents of young people. And it enables the host organizations to find valuable working partners in future.

The work placements will lead to new professional skills and establish new forms of international cooperation. Both visitors and host organizations benefit from exposure to each other’s working practices. They share information, experiences, and ideas, and establish far-reaching professional contacts.

By creating a dynamic network, Gulliver Connect adds a new dimension to the social, artistic, and cultural development of Europe and beyond—a stepping stone for future cooperation in the arts,” according to the on-the-move website.

Applications must be submitted by July 10, 2010. For more details about the program and available bursaries, visit the on-the-move and Gulliver Connect websites.