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The Commonwealth Foundation launches a pioneering exchange program in the film industry

In a recent press release, the Commonwealth Foundation announces the implementation of an innovative exchange program in the film industry. The new model will promote twinning networks.

“Two world renowned film festivals are embarking on a pioneering exchange program to share the best of the Commonwealth’s diverse films and cultures. The exchange, taking place between the Zanzibar International Film Festival, Tanzania, and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, will see films from one region screened at the other, in the first exchange of its kind to take place.

The objective of the twinning, a model initiated and supported by the Commonwealth Foundation, is to maximize the ability of both partners to promote and distribute African and Caribbean cinema to audiences throughout the Commonwealth, introducing them to new films, creating opportunities for networking and building lasting bridges among key film festivals.”

The exchange took place at the Zanzibar International Film Festival July 10–18. According to the press release, “This festival brings new talents together from all over the world. Each year, some of the most captivating and cutting-edge cinema from Africa and beyond is screened at venues across the island. […] The Trinidad and Tobago film festival seeks to highlight excellence in filmmaking. TTFF is a cutting-edge Caribbean film festival that continues to evolve and expand in celebrating expression and empowerment through film. With a series of well-organized workshops and events, TTFF is quickly emerging as the premier film festival of the Caribbean.”