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Consultation on a future European Union Culture Program

The European Commission (E.C.) has stated that consultations are underway regarding a future culture program and will continue until December 15. The objective is to gather input on the next round of the culture program after 2013, especially its objectives, activities, and types of support. The consultations are open to individual citizens, public and private bodies, local/regional authorities, ministries, and relevant stakeholders in the field of culture both inside and outside the E.U. and in the European institutions and associations. According to the E.C.:

"The Culture Programme 2007–2013 plays a unique role in transnational cultural cooperation and exchanges, which are essential for

  • Promoting/protecting Europe's cultural and linguistic diversity (as required by the E.U. treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and its obligations under the UNESCO convention on cultural expression)
  • Improving European citizens' knowledge of other cultures
  • Highlighting their awareness of their common European heritage
  • Promoting European citizenship by encouraging people to participate directly in the process of European integration"

For more information on the context of the consultation and how to make a contribution, see the European Commission website.