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Québec takes part in the "Culture and Sustainable Development" Forum in Paris

The Québec@monde newsletter reports that the French Ministry of Culture and Communication invited the Québec government to give a presentation on Québec's approach to sustainable development at the "Culture and Sustainable Development" Forum held on September 30 at École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Paris-Belleville (Paris-Belleville national school of architecture). The event was attended by cultural players from the public and private sectors. According to the newsletter:

Discussions during the day focused on

  • Culture as a gateway to territorial development
  • Cultural industries and sustainable development
  • Heritage and architecture: components of living environments
  • Cultural and linguistic diversity, creation, and social cohesion: active ingredients of a sustainable society

In his opening address, French Minister of Culture and Communication Frédéric Mitterrand acknowledged the participation of Michel Audet in the Forum. Mr. Audet is the Québec government's representative within Canada's permanent delegation to UNESCO.

"Exchanges and cultural cooperation play an essential role in establishing, expanding, and extending any sustainable development policy. It must be a two-way concept: we have much to learn from foreign examples and also a great deal to share beyond our borders. The opening discussion with the Québec Delegate (Michel Audet) and Jean Musitelli will deal precisely with this issue. It provides me with an opportunity to underscore the similarities between the ministerial strategy for sustainable development that we are proposing and the strategy of our Québec cousins. The Québec strategy has already been implemented and is an excellent example of openness to diversity. Clearly, we could also draw from this approach to ensure that the European Union's future sustainable development strategy, which is slated to be developed and negotiated in 2011, is an ambitious strategy that adequately addresses these issues," said Minister Mitterrand.

During his presentation, Michel Audet focused on the legislative aspect of Québec's sustainable development approach as well as on objectives and topics selected for adopting an Agenda 21 on Culture for Québec and linking the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expression to sustainable development.