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Call for proposals for a documentary on the Arab art and culture scene

Ashkal Alwan, the Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, has launched a call for proposals for a documentary film on the cultural scene and artistic production in the Arab world in the last decade.

The goal is to draw attention to contemporary artistic and cultural production as well as the underlying cultural and political issues. A particular focus on Egypt, Palestine, and Lebanon is encouraged.

The film should chart the changes in artistic and cultural practices in recent years, identify major developments, and articulate the current challenges and opportunities faced by artists in the Arab world. It should include presentations of works as well as interviews with artists, producers, and agents involved in cultural life.

An independent jury comprised of producers and professionals from the film and culture sectors will select only one project. The commissioning budget for the selected project will be $45,000 (USD), and the producer(s) will have one (1) year to complete the film.

Independent directors, producers, individuals, and entities producing television, film, or video programming are eligible to apply. Although foreign co-productions, entities, and team members are welcome, the project must be an essentially Arab initiative. The deadline for submissions is December 20, 2010.