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U40 International Forum in Istanbul: Publication of "Network in Action"

The Canadian Coalition for Cultural Diversity has released its Network in action, which sums up the discussions and recommendations from the International Forum of U40 Fellows, in Istanbul, October 21 to 24. Here is an excerpt:

"The following actions were discussed and agreed on as short- and mid-term goals of the U40-network:

  • Publish the compilation ‘Mapping Cultural Diversity – Good Practices from Around the Globe' in November 2010
  • Create a U40 Website to include general information on the network, its action plan, and member profiles with long term goals of establishing a database of good practices, an online library of relevant documents in the context of the Convention, and an interactive tool for targeted discussion on cultural diversity. The site is envisioned as a worldwide "go to" knowledge resource platform on cultural diversity
  • Initiate a strategic workshop to sharpen the profile of the network in order to foster the network for long term activities and to facilitate public relations and future cooperation
  • Form specialized subgroups on, for example, the Convention and Cultural Rights, Media and Visibility, and Fundraising
  • Prepare further meetings to reinforce knowledge exchange between the U40 Fellows (e.g. Inter-American Meeting, Toluca, México (May 2011); Learning Journey, Brazil (October 2011)
  • Continue knowledge transfer and Fellow expertise by organizing meetings and conferences to share experiences, ideas and projects, publishing on specific issues of the Convention, fostering the realization of the Compendium in new countries, and discussing and realizing specific research projects on topics like culture and development (MDGs); and
  • Expand the Network in currently underrepresented regions (i.e., recruitment of additional Arab and Asian experts, the latter with the support of the network and contacts of the Asia-Europe Foundation".

The complete text of Network in action is available on the Coalition for Cultural Diversity website.