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Québec hosts the Interparliamentary Conference on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

On February 2 and 3, 2011, parliamentarians from across La Francophonie will meet in Québec City, Québec, Canada for the Interparliamentary Conference on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (CIDEC 2011).

Speakers of legislative assemblies, parliamentarians, and experts will take this opportunity to follow up on the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. The conference is organized by the Parliamentary Assembly of La Francophonie (APF), in cooperation with the Québec National Assembly.

Activities for February 2, organized in partnership with UNESCO and OIF, will include introductory presentations on the Convention implementation process, strategies on promoting the Convention's ratification, and the visibility of the Convention. In addition, the following themes will also be discussed:

  • Culture as a factor of sustainable development
  • From international law to national policies on the diversity of cultural expressions

The second day, February 3, will be organized in conjunction with OIF. Topics to be discussed include support for artists and creation and cultural industries in the French-speaking world. Case studies in the following fields will also be presented:

  • The music and variety show sector
  • The crafts sector
  • The literary sector
  • The cinema and television sector

The two-day conference will close with a wrap-up of the work completed and a final statement. The Bulletin will feature the event in its next issue.