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Frédéric Mitterrand: the promotion of cultural diversity in 2011

At a press conference in late January, French Minister of Culture and Communications Frédéric Mitterrand discussed his intention to focus on "the diversity of our society and the promotion of cultural diversity in the digital age." According to Minister Mitterrand:

"It is universally accepted that globalization and the digital revolution are two of the biggest influences in modern cultural creation and practices. These two factors have an undeniable influence on the circulation of what we call cultural goods and services. However, it is also widely recognized that current mechanisms do not necessarily favor balanced cultural relations. Market demands for profitability conflict with the goal of giving creators the opportunity to be known and giving the public access to true cultural diversity. For our part, we wish to make 2011 the year of diversity. The pace of ratification of the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions is particularly encouraging. The Convention, for which France was an ardent advocate, lays a multilateral foundation for mutual respect between cultural and economic spheres, whose interdependence must be managed in a balanced manner. Policy decisions have a major impact on publishing, media and communications regulations, and fiscal issues relating to culture."

The full text of the minister's speech is available on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Communications of France.