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International Fund for Cultural Diversity: the 2nd call for projects is launched

UNESCO announces the 2nd call for applications for the International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD).The IFCD is a means to support the implementation of the Convention, by fostering the emergence of a dynamic cultural sector in developing countries. Its purpose is to promote sustainable development and poverty reduction in developing and least-developed countries that are Parties to the Convention. The use of the IFCD may take the form of legal, technical or financial support, or expertise, and must be consistent with the objectives of the IFCD.

The fourth ordinary session of the Intergovernmental Committee approved 31 projects to be funded from IFCD in the framework of its Pilot Phase (over 250 requests for funding had been received by UNESCO during the first IFCD call for applications launched in March 2010).

To be considered, applications must be received no later than June 30, 2011.

To learn more about the terms of this call for projects, please visit the UNESCO website.

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