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Conclusions of the Council of the European Union on mobility information services for artists and for culture professionals

The 3090th Council Meeting on Education, Youth, Culture and Sport of the European Union was held in Brussels May 19 and 20.

In matters of culture, the Council adopted conclusions on mobility information services for artists and for culture professionals. Elsewhere, the Council calls on Member states and the Commission, within their respective spheres of competence and with due regard to the principle of subsidiarity, to:

"[…] facilitate the provision by mobility information services of comprehensive and accurate information to artists and culture professionals seeking to be mobile within the EU. To this end, make best use of expertise within public administration and cultural sector organizations. Where appropriate, build on existing services to disseminate the information, acknowledging that in some cases these are the primary source of accurate information. […]"

For this purpose, the Council makes recommendations to the Commission and Member states, asking them to work in close cooperation and "to monitor the provision of mobility information services in order to improve the quality and accessibility of these services."

The full version of the Council's press release is available in French and English on the Council of the European Union website.