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European Parliament resolution on EU-Canada trade relations

On June 8, 2011, members of the European Parliament adopted a resolution on trade relations between the European Union and Canada.

Amongst other things, in this resolution the European Parliament:


"welcomes an agreement with Canada going beyond the WTO commitments and being complementary to multilateral rules, provided that the negotiations produce a balanced, ambitious, high-quality agreement that goes well beyond tariff reductions;"


"stresses that the investment chapter should promote high-quality investments which respect the environment and encourage good working conditions; furthermore calls for the investment chapter to respect the right of both parties to regulate, in particular in the areas of national security, the environment, public health, workers' and consumers' rights, industrial policy and cultural diversity; calls on the Commission to exclude from the scope of investment agreements sensitive sectors such as culture, education, national defence and public health; [...]."

To read the full text, we invite you to consult the European Parliament website.