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The Government of Canada reiterates its commitment to TV5MONDE

The Honorable Josée Verner, Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women, and Official Languages, used the Conference of Ministers Responsible for TV5 in Lucerne, Switzerland, to reaffirm her support for the multilateral nature and mission of TV5MONDE and TV5 Québec Canada.

In a November 9, 2007 press release, the minister stated, “The Government of Canada believes that TV5MONDE is an important tool for promoting the values of the Francophonie throughout the world. I would therefore like to take the occasion of this meeting to reiterate our government's commitment to TV5MONDE and remind all our partners that it is essential to preserve the channel's multilateral and pluralist nature.”

Representatives of France, the French Community of Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and Québec meet every two years at the Conference of Ministers Responsible for TV5. Switzerland has served as chair since 2006; Canada will replace it in 2008–2009. “In light of the revamping of France's foreign audiovisual policy, Canada has stated again the importance it attaches to TV5 as an extraordinary communications tool for the Francophonie and for cultural diversity,” the Canadian Heritage press release continues.

Lastly, Minister Verner notes, “By broadcasting high-quality programs worldwide, TV5 ensures recognition of French culture, while contributing to the vitality of French-speaking societies in Canada and abroad. Without a doubt, TV5 is a vital resource for cooperation among Francophone governments and for the expression of cultural diversity internationally.”