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Québec’s minister of culture, communications, and the status of women restates the importance of preserving TV5 Monde’s multilateral nature and announces an increase in Québec’s financial contribution

On November 8 and 9, 2007, Christine St-Pierre, Québec Minister of Culture, Communications, and the Status of Women, took part in the 20th Conference of Ministers Responsible for TV5 in Lucerne, Switzerland. She defended TV5Monde’s multilateral nature and announced an increase in Québec’s financial contribution.

“TV5Monde is a major accomplishment of French-speaking cooperation born of our governments’ desire to safeguard the expression of cultural diversity. Its multilateral nature is a splendid example of the richness of television production in countries across the Francophonie and allows these programs to be shared with the rest of the world,” the minister declared.

The press release issued for the occasion notes that the ministers responsible for TV5 familiarized themselves with the report presented by a committee of experts tasked with analyzing possible areas of technical cooperation between TV5Monde and France24, parallel to the reform of France’s foreign audiovisual policy, which is likely to alter TV5’s global and multilateral nature.

In her statement, Ms. St-Pierre added, “We had some concerns about France’s reform project. We are now confident that all partners will work together transparently.”

Based on their discussions, ministers asked the French delegation to prepare a document within the intergovernmental work group taking into account the particular considerations of partner governments so that a satisfactory agreement might be reached by mid-December. Any such agreement would then have to be approved by the ministers before the end of the first quarter in 2008.

Minister St-Pierre also announced a 2.5% increase in Québec’s 2008 financial contribution to TV5Monde as well as $300,000 in funding toward the continued implementation of its 2006–2009 strategic plan.

Ministers were also given the findings of the strategic plan adopted by TV5Monde in 2005 which, according to the press release, “are more than satisfactory.” “There has been a clear improvement with regard to winning over and earning the loyalty of viewers by way of a regular programming policy, drawing up schedules to take time differences into account, and adapting to local viewing habits. Most effort has been devoted to subtitling and children’s programs,” the press release continued.

Lastly, Ms. St-Pierre stated, “TV5 is of paramount importance to Québec as it is an irreplaceable tool that allows Québec to affirm its linguistic identity in an English-speaking continent.”