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The Montréal Declaration

The Coalitions for Cultural Diversity gathered March 15–17, 2007, in Montréal, Canada, for the Ninth General Assembly of the International Liaison Committee (ILC). Representatives of 38 coalitions for cultural diversity from all around the world attended the meeting. On this occasion, the Coalitions adopted the Montréal Declaration, which you can read here. With regard to implementing the UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions, the Montréal Declaration stipulates, among other things, that the Coalitions call on the States Parties at their very first Conference to take the measures necessary for the concrete realization of the objectives of the convention. In this regard, the Declaration states that “in particular, we consider it essential that the States Parties take the necessary steps to adopt and implement cultural policies in line with the principles, objectives, and provisions of the Convention [and] rapidly put in place the International Fund for Cultural Diversity, and ensure that this fund is resourced at a level appropriate to its ambitious and important objective—the development of the cultural industries of the south.” The Declaration also notes that the coalitions for cultural diversity gathered in Montréal “have agreed to transform the ILC into the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity. Once established, it will seek official recognition for the Federation from UNESCO on a priority basis, so that at this organization, just as in all other forums that it considers useful, it can defend and promote cultural diversity.”