Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

Culture in Treaties and Agreements: Implementing the 2005 Convention in Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements

A recent study published by UNESCO examines 59 bilateral and regional trade agreements by analyzing how cultural productions are treated under these agreements.

Prepared by Véronique Guèvremont and Ivana Ota?ević, this study analyzes the trade agreements under five themes:

  1. Explicit references to the Convention
  2. Treatment of cultural goods and services
  3. Clauses on preferential treatment relating to culture
  4. Status of electronic commerce
  5. Other provisions relating to culture

The study also presents a number of recommendations for achieving cooperation at the national level, setting up appropriate policy frameworks, advancing the position of culture in trade negotiations, facing new challenges in the digital environment, and developing effective monitoring instruments.

As a reminder, the Convention recognizes that cultural goods and services convey identities, values, and meanings, and must therefore not be treated as solely having commercial value during trade negotiations.

The publication Culture in Treaties and Agreements is available on the UNESCO website.