Cultural diversity

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Economie et culture : quels principes pour une régulation publique

PIERRE-JEAN BENGHOZI – juillet 2003 – 2003/07

In this study, Mr. Benghozi explains that the debate on cultural diversity is not simply about defending identities, but also about business, and that this fact must play a part for public debate to be enlightened and allow for decisions that meet the combined needs of culture and the economy. According to the author, there are two main obstacles to developing public cultural policies: “The first obstacle is the absence of regulatory structures and tools, and the second—and certainly most important—is establishing principles for action and a common model of culture to defend.” The author goes on to stress the importance of establishing forums and places of debate where policies and public actions can be developed. He believes “this is what the real public debate over diversity should be—promoting the emergence of real solutions that reconcile economic and cultural needs with those centered on identity.” The guiding logic of these solutions, he explains, is reciprocity, the preservation of diversity of production, as well as access to diverse works, the principle of responsibility, and the principle of attentiveness to local geo-cultural identities. Commenting on this text on the PlanetAgora Website and inviting people to read it and debate it in the cultural diversity forum, Mr. Jean Tardif asks if “the draft International Convention UNESCO is considering would be a real and workable solution for the special imperatives of cultural exchange.” (Available in French only)