Cultural diversity

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Document de travail sur la sauvegarde (et la promotion) de la diversité culturelle (dt\490273fr.doc pe 312.571) - commission de la culture, de la jeunesse, de l'éducation, des médias et des sports

Parlement européen, 16 juillet 2003 – 2003/07/16

In this document, rapporteur Ms Christa Prets asserts that market forces alone cannot guarantee the establishment of a fair and transparent multilateral system in which cultural diversity is recognized and protected. She believes that cultural diversity is the positive pendant of the defensive objective of preventing the development of a uniform world by promoting and supporting all cultures and considering the dynamic process of cultural diversity. She suggests that the “preservation of cultural diversity is sometimes perceived as a nasty obstacle to ‘free’ trade, rather than as a value worth protecting in itself.” She also stresses that globalization is not necessarily the same as destruction of culture and social progress if accompanied by a set of conditions favorable to promoting cultural diversity. In conclusion, Ms Prets maintains that “cultural diversity is in fact the key to sustainable development.” (Available in French and English)