Cultural diversity

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Opportunité de l’élaboration d’un instrument normatif international concernant la diversité culturelle - analyse et commentaire critique du document no 32c/52 de l’unesco

Étude réalisée, à la demande de l’Agence intergouvernementale de la Francophonie, par Monsieur Ivan Bernier, Professeur associé à la Faculté de droit de l’Université Laval de Québec - Août 2003 – 2003/08

In this study, Mr. Bernier analyzes a five-part document, the first of which paints a brief background of the issue raised in Point 5.11 of the tentative agenda, summarizes the other parts, and presents a draft resolution that has been submitted for a decision by the General Conference. Also included are various appendices that refer successively to the PRELIMINARY STUDY ON THE TECHNICAL AND LEGAL ASPECTS RELATING TO THE DESIRABILITY OF A STANDARD-SETTING INSTRUMENT ON CULTURAL DIVERSITY, the April 11, 2003 Executive Board decision, the Executive Board’s observations at its 166th session, and the Executive Board’s request for a reference to pertinent international instruments. Mr. Bernier’s overview of the document covers only the set of points analyzed; questions will probably be raised upon examination of Point 5.11 of the tentative agenda at the 32nd session of the General Conference. Consequently, he advises that “clear, convincing responses must be prepared on problem areas in order to keep the debate from stalling when the issue is addressed by the General Conference, thereby opening the door to a motion to postpone the decision to another session.” (Available in French only)