Cultural diversity

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Le débat politique et juridique sur la diversité culturelle

Debora abramowicz , 4 juin 2003 – 2003/06/04

Ms Abramowicz, director of international affairs at SACD (Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques), maintains that promoting cultural diversity depends on recognizing states’ ability to determine their own cultural policies. Acknowledging that cultural diversity cannot be achieved through the mere play of market forces, the author believes it is necessary “to recognize in a binding international instrument the right of states to freely determine their cultural policies.” The author stresses in particular the need for cultural issues to be negotiated in a forum that not only specializes in protecting heritage and culture, but also gives the voice of each member state equal weight. According to Ms Abramowicz, “negotiations on the future International Convention on Cultural Diversity must begin immediately within UNESCO and be held at the same time as WTO negotiations so that cultural issues are clearly identified as being under the jurisdiction of the former and not the latter. In addition, starting negotiations within UNESCO will allow states to gauge the challenges of cultural diversity and make them more aware of the liberalization agreements they may be called upon to sign in the WTO.” (Available in French only)