Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

Le Québec en France : la valorisation de l’identité commune, no 4, avril-mai 2003, pp.4-5

Published by the General Delegation of Québec in Paris, this review provides an account of the 59th session of the Commission permanente de coopération franco-québécoise held in Québec City in early February under the theme “Convergence and Partnership.” By the conclusion of the session, France and Québec had agreed to prioritize projects in four main areas for 2003–2004, including the promotion of their shared identity. The Commission declared that cooperation between France and Québec is one of the most effective means of enhancing their international identities, notably by reaffirming the francophone identity as an integral part of global cultural diversity. The Commission also intends to emphasize linguistic diversity as a contributor to cultural diversity. (Available in French only)