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Francophonie - "Nos deux mandats : développement et diversité culturelle"

Journal de l’Agence intergouvernemental de la Francophonie (AIF), no 35 - Janvier-février-mars 2004 - 2004/01-02-03

This edition of the AIF journal focuses on the Agency’s new program for 2004 and 2005. Refocused on five main priorities, the program includes areas of action in support of the Francophonie’s two mandates—sustainable development and the preservation of cultural diversity. The author of the editorial, AIF general director Roger Dehaybe, states that “La Francophonie, with its vision of a diverse world where differences are affirmed and organized into a constructive dialogue, has no doubt helped lay the foundation for a different vision of globalization. In the same vein, we will pursue our efforts in favor of UNESCO’s adoption of a convention on cultural diversity in 2005. By the same token, we will continue strengthening the position of francophone countries in the South with regard to international trade.” (Available in French)