Cultural diversity

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"Le droit d’auteur : un combat pour la création"

Lettre aux auteurs - Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques (SACD), no 129, janvier-février 2004 – 2004/01-02

This bi-monthly publication of the SACD has published the statements of Pascal Rogard, Managing Director of the SACD, and Janine Lorente, Assistant Managing Director, regarding the SACD-led campaign to include cultural diversity in the European Constitution and measures taken by the European Parliament to this end.  According to them, the issue of cultural diversity “concerns film, audiovisual products and music, sectors that are under extremely strong pressure, particularly by the United States, within the framework of WTO international trade negotiations.”  The important thing for us, they state “is to maintain the Nice Compromise, which holds that decisions concerning the audiovisual sector within the framework of international negotiations on liberalisation are to continue to be made unanimously.  This is the best guarantee we have.”  Moreover, emphasizing that “the French and Canadian governments have taken the initiative in launching the establishment of a convention on cultural diversity within the framework of UNESCO,” they find that the advantage of this convention “is that we will move from the defensive position of the WTO to a more offensive one for creating an international approach favourable to the positions we are defending.  Every country should be able to continue to freely establish its cultural policy without being subject to the trade policy regulations.” (Available in French only)