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Eurobarometer on Culture: Europeans affirm their strong attachment to culture and expect more from the European Union in this area

On September 27, 2007, the European Commission published the results of its new Eurobarometer survey of people's attitudes to “culture.” The survey of 26,755 people in the 27 EU Member States was carried out by TNS Opinion & Social from February 14 to March 18, 2007. The findings were presented at the first European Culture Forum in Lisbon on September 26–28, 2007, which brought business, cultural operators, and policy makers together to explore the importance of culture.

According to the press release announcing the publication, the new study revealed that two thirds of Europeans feel that they share elements of a collective culture. Furthermore, the press release continues, nearly nine out of ten Europeans say that culture, cultural exchanges, and intercultural dialog should have an important place in the European Union. A further 76% of respondents consider that Europe's cultural diversity is the defining characteristic of Europe, and that this diversity actually helps to increase the impact of European culture.

Ján Figel', European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture, and Youth, stressed the significance of these results: “Our continent is blessed with extraordinary cultural wealth, and this survey clearly shows that Europeans feel deeply about their culture and cultures. For me, this passion for our culture and cultures confirms the central place that “culture” has in the European project. For policy makers in the Member States, the message is also clear: more means should be made available to facilitate cultural exchanges on our continent, to promote mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect among our peoples. This is all the more important as we approach 2008, the European Year of Intercultural Dialog.”

The press release states that “these survey results give clear support for its recent policy statement, in the form of the Communication on a European agenda for culture, in which Member States were encouraged to recognize the importance of culture for :

  • strengthening of intercultural dialogue;
  • driving creativity and innovation in European enterprises, and
  • the relations of the EU with the rest of the world.”

More information about the results of the Eurobarometer poll on Europeans’ culture values is available from the following websites: