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Television in 36 European States —2007 yearbook for film, television, and video in Europe, Volume 1

The European Audiovisual Observatory has announced the publication in early December of Volume 1 of the 2007 yearbook for film, television, and video in Europe, entitled Television in 36 European States. For each country, the publication provides…

  • A synthesis of the national television landscape and latest developments
  • Basic figures for the country
    • Population and equipment
    • Packagers
    • Number of TV channels by license type
    • Available TV channels by genre and platform
  • Operating revenues of the main television companies
  • The financial situation of TV companies and a breakdown of TV channels’ program output by genre
  • TV audience market share—daily and prime time
  • The leading TV production companies

The Observatory notes that the yearbook’s next two volumes—Trends in European Television and Film and Home Video—will be published in the next two months.

The yearbook is available in paper format and online in a trilingual edition (English, French, and German). You can learn more about the yearbook and how to order it from the European Audiovisual Observatory website.