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The Impact of EC Law on the Taxation of the European Audiovisual Industry, by Hasan Bermek

On December 12, 2007, the European Audiovisual Observatory announced the publication of its latest Iris plus report entitled “The Impact of EC Law on the Taxation of the European Audiovisual Industry.” The document was written by Council of Europe lawyer Hasan Bermek during his time at the Observatory.

Susanne Nikoltchev, IRIS coordinator and head of the Department for Legal Information at the European Audiovisual Observatory, states in this issue of IRIS plus that the author analyses a wide spectrum of tax issues relevant to the audiovisual sector and demonstrates the various ways in which these issues relate. According to Ms. Nikoltchev, the article is both a guide to the legal framework and a description of the areas that may still be regarded as requiring attention.

The European Audiovisual Observatory states that the report provides an overview of the legal bases and general framework of taxation in the European Community before moving on to examine tax issues related to the audiovisual industry. The report also looks at the relationship between EC competition law and national tax incentives for film and audiovisual works, then examines EC VAT rules and the audiovisual industry and the power of each State to apply reduced VAT rates to certain sectors of the audiovisual industry. Finally, it examines the problem of cross-border remuneration and double taxation.

It is available in French, English, and German.