Cultural diversity

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"Eurobarometer" qualitative study on Europeans, culture, and cultural values – 2006

In 2006, the European Commission (Directorate General Education and Culture) commissioned a qualitative Eurobarometer study to learn more about the perceptions Europeans have of culture and its contribution to developing a sense of community and belonging to a shared European region. The survey was carried out in the current 27 EU Member States.

The study’s specific aims were to analyze the European perception of culture in the broader sense of the term and not merely with regard to traditional cultures and fine arts. It also examined the importance of culture in the lives of Europeans, the components specific to European culture, the link between culture and shared European values, interest in European cultural diversity and the cultures of other Europeans, and the perceived and the expected role of Europe in the field of culture.

Summaries of the research carried out in the 27 countries included in the study are available in French or English.