Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

Diversité culturelle et libre-échange à la lumière du cinéma, by Christophe Germann

Les Éditions Helbing & Lichtenhahn have announced the publication of Diversité culturelle et libre-échange à la lumière du cinéma by Christophe Germann. The book is available in French.

According to the publisher, “this work proposes original solutions for implementing the objectives of the new UNESCO convention on cultural diversity. It presents and discusses legal, political, economic issues facing cultural industries in relation to cultural diversity and international business.”

The publisher adds that “using examples from the film industry, this work attempts to establish points of references to help create a new framework of international public law aimed at reaching the objective of cultural diversity in the context of globalization.” The study analyses the current state of relevant UNESCO, OMC, intellectual property, and competition laws and examines the specific cases of the European Union and Switzerland. Les Éditions Helbing & Lichtenhahn adds that “the original approach suggested here consists of exploring ways of prohibiting discrimination on grounds of cultural origin using the principle of the “most favored culture” and “cultural treatment” to make cultural diversity available to all economies.”

The book is available online at the Éditions Helbing & Lichtenhahn website.