Cultural diversity

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Feature issue: De la diversité culturelle au dialogue interculturel - Revue Culture et recherche

The journal Culture et recherche dedicated its winter 2007–2008 issue to theme De la diversité culturelle au dialogue interculturel (From cultural diversity to intercultural dialogue). “This special issue gives voice to anthropology researchers, sociologists, and historians in the aim of providing a better understanding of the interactions between contemporary societies in the face of globalization. By illustrating different ways of thinking about human dialog, in Europe and elsewhere, it provides the opportunity to reflect on the place of Others in how we live together.”

With respect to the diversity of cultural expressions, we would like to draw your attention to two articles in particular. The first is “Historique - Exception culturelle > diversité culturelle > dialogue interculturel,” a historical review of the concepts of cultural exception, cultural diversity, and intercultural dialog. The second, by François Rouet, is entitled “Proximité et préférences dans les échanges internationaux de biens et services culturels” (Proximity and preferences in the international trade of cultural goods and services).