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Number 169 of the magazine Cultures Sud: “Maghreb–Black Africa: a commonality of cultures?”

CulturesFrance has announced the publication of issue number 169 of the magazine Cultures Sud featuring the theme “Maghreb–Black Africa: a commonality of cultures?” Cultures Sud is a quarterly magazine of literature from Africa, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean published by CulturesFrance.

In its introduction to the issue, CulturesFrance notes that “These pages spotlight ties and tensions between differing sides of the Sahara, between two geographical entities that share a continent but make up two distinct worlds—the Maghreb and Black Africa.”

After a review of certain historic facts, the magazine addresses cultural relations between the Maghreb and Black Africa and the challenges they share. CulturesFrance notes that “major voices of the literary world contribute to these reflections, attempting to build bridges between these two cultural poles, whether concerning the ‘inability to imagine Africa’ to borrow the words of Algerian novelist Yasmina Khadra or the commitment of Nobel Prize–winning Nigerian author Wole Soyinka.”

Further in its introduction of Cultures Sud, CulturesFrances writes, “Today, while it is widely recognized that there is a certain vitality to economic trade between the Maghreb and Black Africa, the list of cultural initiatives remains fairly short. In the name of cultural diversity, these pages call for a renewed panafricanism reminiscent of Algiers in the summer of 1969, when the first, and unfortunately the last, panafrican festival was held.”

CulturesFrance is the agency of the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Culture and Communications responsible for international cultural exchanges.

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