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Quel avenir pour la langue française?, by Jean-Louis Roy

Published in 2008 by Éditions Hurtubise HMH, the book Quel avenir pour la langue française? by Jean-Louis Roy is described by the publishing house as follows:

“Globalization has transformed the world economy, and now it is on track to transform the global cultural arena. But how can we ensure cultural and linguistic diversity in the face of the United States, China, and India, who each want to make their respective languages the dominant language of the 21st century? The Francophonie has become our language’s main hope, perhaps its only one. Without the Francophonie, French would be confined to France, Belgium, Switzerland, French-speaking communities in Canada, and Québec rather than boasting 68 states and over 500 million speakers as it does now. But in this battle of languages, will the Francophonie be able to ensure that French has a significant role to play in the new cultural world order?”