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Publication of a study on creativity in the video game industry

The studies, forecasting, and statistical branch (DEPS) of France’s Ministry of Culture and Communication has announced the publication of a document entitled “La création dans l’industrie du jeu vidéo.”

According to the DEPS website, “the video game industry has reached maturity, as the third generation of creators and the emergence of several gaming development studios attest. Creativity plays a crucial role in ensuring that game production within the industry remains fresh, which itself draws on the potential of up-and-coming technical innovations and new forms of gameplay. Currently, due to the way creativity is collectively organized within studios, and due to its inherent costs and risks, it is scarcely recognized within a globalized industry which is heavily influenced by the console manufacturers and publishers. The ways in which this creativity is recognized (e.g., status, pay, company structure, etc.), are therefore explored with a view to sustaining its dynamism, and, consequently, that of the video-gaming sector in France.”

This 16-page study written by François Rouet is available on the website of France’s Ministry of Culture and Communication.