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Migration Without Borders, Essays on the Free Movement of People

What would happen if borders were done away with and people could move freely around the world? This is the question addressed by 13 essays collected under the title Migration Without Borders. The collection has just been published by UNESCO Publishing under the management of Antoine Pécoud and Paul de Guchteneire, with a preface written by Pierre Sané.

“International migration is high on the public and political agenda of many countries, as the movement of people raises concerns while often eluding state attempts at regulation. In this context, the ‘Migration Without Borders’ scenario challenges conventional views on the need to control and restrict migration flows and brings a fresh perspective to contemporary debates. This book explores the analytical issues raised by open borders, in terms of ethics, human rights, economic development, politics, social cohesion, and welfare, and provides in-depth empirical investigations of how free movement is addressed and governed in Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia. By introducing and discussing the possibility of a right to mobility, it calls for an opening, not only of national borders, but also of the eyes and minds of all those interested in the future of international migration in a globalizing world,” states the UNESCO website.

At a time when questions are being asked about ways to help artists travel around the world, especially artists from developing countries, this book—although broader in scope—will contribute to the debate.

The book is 384 pages long and is available in English, French, and Spanish. For more information, visit the UNESCO Publishing website.