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“Is There a European Culture?” par D.W. Ellwood dans le Journal of Modern Italian Studies

From the CapsulesMonde newsletter, we learn that an article by D.W. Ellwood entitled “Is There a European Culture?” was recently published in the Journal of Modern Italian Studies (Vol. 14, No 1, March 2009).

With a headline describing the European Union’s local “gems of culture” as “standard-bearers of identity,” CapsulesMonde notes that Ellwood’s article discusses how, facing a tidal wave of American culture, some local cultural industries allow Europeans to reconnect with their national identities. The author cites the United Kingdom’s BBC as an example of cultural protectionism in response to globalization. Is government willingness to support such cultural vehicles as radio and television—or even film—an attempt to counterbalance the U.S. presence, or an effort to forge nationalist sentiment? The author maintains that growing regional integration will spur societies to better appreciate their cultural and national distinctions. Will Europe some day be speaking with a unified voice—but in multiple tongues?

CapsulesMonde is the newsletter of ENAP’s Laboratoire d’étude sur les politiques publiques et la mondialisation (LEPPM).