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La politique culturelle en France, by Xavier Greffe and Sylvie Pflieger

“Is cultural policy in France a model for others? Yes, if those who put it in place and strengthened it over the years are to be believed, along with many foreign observers for whom government financial support in the field continues to be outstanding. Much less so, when the way in which it has gone about its key objectives of helping creation and democratization are examined.”

Thus is presented the recently published work, La politique culturelle en France (Cultural Policy inFrance). Publisher La documentation française describes the book’s content as follows: “With globalization, digitization, and postmodernism, our landscape is rapidly changing. Collective consumption at given venues is being replaced by individualized, private practices, performances are giving way to virtual consumption, artist creations are having to share the stage with self-edited content, and the very notion of price is being overtaken by new business models.

“All countries are facing these challenges, and France is more exposed than most since it is working hard to reap the benefits of this field. This detailed investigation explores by turns:

The emergence and implementation of cultural policy

Cultural policy organization



The heritagization of cultural resources

Soft power, or cultural initiatives outside France

Sustainable development

Cultural policies for creative societies”