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The December issue of the Culture Action Europe Newsletter is out

The December issue of the Culture Action Europe Newsletter has a number of interesting articles for readers:

  • Editorial: Setting the stage – a new institutional framework
  • Ways of reflection – Which role for culture within a political Europe?
  • Lisbon Treaty: What’s new for arts and culture with the Lisbon Treaty now in force?
  • Council of the E.U.: Ministers of Culture adopt conclusions on a “creative generation”
  • European Commission: A new commissioner for culture and a new portfolio
  • DG Education and Culture under new direction from May 2010
  • The European Agenda for Culture: What perspectives since the forum?
  • The review of the E.U. financial regulation, a much-awaited exercise…
  • Culture and development – progress continues
  • The eastern partnership to integrate support to culture
  • The post ’89 cultural landscape
  • Culture in the Baltic Sea region…
  • … and in the E.U.-Russia cooperation agreements
  • Report on arts education in the E.U.
  • European Parliament: Interim Culture Commissioner meets with MEPs
  • Advocacy Events: European policies in Western Balkans, cultural actors engage and speak out
  • “Re:Designing Cultural Politics”
  • UNESCO: World Report – Investing in Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue
  •  “Mobility in the visual arts sector in Europe,” December 10–11, 2009, Linz
  • New Times, New Models, January 28–30, Maribor