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Summary of UNESCO symposium on “Funding Culture, Managing the Risk”

The UNESCO website now features a summary of the symposium held in April on the theme “Funding Culture, Managing the Risk.” Recordings of the round tables are also available. The symposium, which attracted over 100 participants, brought together leading experts in development and cultural financing, decision makers, and cultural entrepreneurs for a dynamic two days of discussion on the challenges and opportunities of investing in culture in developed and developing countries.

“A number of messages were articulated. Panelists and participants called for innovative approaches to funding and financing the culture sector. It was emphasized that they would combine macro and micro levels. Decision makers need also to address the long-term infrastructural needs of the cultural and creative sector and increase investments in order to provide sounder foundations for growth and development. Actions such as professionalization of entrepreneurs, long-term political will at national and international levels, and increased coordination and partnerships between private and public sectors were expressed,” UNESCO stated.