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Culture Track 2011

Culture Track 2011 is an ongoing national research study of the attitudes and behaviors of cultural audiences, examining trends in attendance at visual arts events and the motivators and barriers that affect participation.

Its goal remains to help better understand where the arts stand in people's lives and how it can better inspire them to engage with the arts more often and in more meaningful ways.

Data was collected from over 4,000 online respondents in 2011, statistically mirroring the U.S. population, with screening to ensure a base level of cultural participation.
The 2011 survey will frame current online and social media practices and outline the overarching trends that take advantage of them.

With rapidly growing online communities, many institutions have struggled to fully understand the potential of this shift in audience development. Culture Track 2011 addresses this concern head on with informative and actionable research from which arts professionals can make informed decisions.

The study defines arts participation as attendance at a specific range of cultural activities, such as museum/art exhibitions, dramatic theater, musical theater, classical music, film festivals, classical dance/ballet, modern dance, and opera.

To consult the study, visit the LaPlaca Cohen website.