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Launch of a new journal: Cultural Management and Policy, an international e-journal from ENCATC

On January 9, the European Network on Cultural Administration Training Centers (ENCATC) officially launched the first issue of its online Journal of Cultural Management and Policy.

This first issue includes 7 articles selected by an international advisory board made up of 19 well-established researchers and experts from 10 countries and responds to the increasing need to align education in cultural management and cultural policy with research being conducted in the field.

This edition features the following articles:

  • “The financial crisis and its impact on the current models of governance and management of the cultural sector in Europe”
  • “Artistic quality as leadership success: the conductor’s leadership role in the act of music making”
  • “Local art museums and visitors: audience and attendance development. Theoretical requirements and empirical evidence”
  • “Analyzing the public cultural supply. Leisure as an innovative tool for the generation of values”
  • “Contents and aims of management plans for World Heritage Sites: a managerial analysis with a special focus on the Italian scenario”
  • “Do public television channels provide more diversity than private ones?”
  • “Art contribution to cities’ transformation: the role of public art management in Italy”

Journal of Cultural Management and Policy is a yearly publication that aims to stimulate the debate on the topics of cultural management and cultural policy among scholars, educators, policy makers, and cultural managers. The Journal is based on a multidisciplinary perspective and aims to connect theory and practice in the realm of the cultural sector. Submitted papers address different fields: culture and creativity, cultural management, cultural policies, marketing, local development, entrepreneurship, and education applied to the cultural sector. This new publication also aims to be a platform for multidisciplinary debate and new perspectives among researchers.

This online journal is a free publication and is available on the ENCATC website.