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ON-AiR: Reflecting on the mobility of artists in Europe

After an intensive two-year collaborative project with 19 European partners looking at artistic residencies and mobility, ON-AiR : Reflecting on the mobility of artists in Europe has been published, along with other online information tools on artist residencies.

With this publication the partners of the ON-AiR project aim to take the reader on a “journey,” reflecting on the current state of mobility in which artists in Europe operate and their art flourishes. It also includes a summary of the results and outcomes of the ON-AiR project.

An editorial team consisting of 18 mobility experts from the different regions of Europe, all working as partners in ON-AiR, proposed 10 topics or thoughts for a more in-depth approach. Ten essays by authors from across Europe are the result. The content and format of the essays differ enormously, varying from a letter written to a resident artist to an examination of the much-discussed “brain drain” phenomenon in Eastern Europe.

The partners of ON-AiR also published a useful toolkit on artist residencies, including the ON-AiR workshop manual packed with tips and advice for artists considering applying for residencies, as well as regional information on mobility with maps of residency opportunities from project partners in various parts of Europe.

To order this publication and for more information, please visit the ON-AiR website.

ON-AiR is a collaborative project of 19 artist-in-residence centers, art education institutes, municipalities, knowledge centers, and artists-run initiatives in Europe funded by the European Commission and coordinated by Trans Artists.