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"Objectif pays" Cultural Field Guides

"Objectif pays," a collection of cultural field guides to selected countries has been produced by the French agency NACRe in partnership with graduate students in the international cultural exchange strategy program at Lyon’s Institut d’Études Politiques. Their efforts were reviewed by a jury of professionals, academics, and subject area experts from the countries involved.

This collection consists of a series of practical factsheets for cultural professionals interested in working in the area of international mobility. 

To date, the collection includes six cultural field guides to the countries (governments) of Argentina, China, Morocco, Québec, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Each cultural field guide has two sections:

  • The first is general, covering the country’s cultural politics, networks, and good practices for securing cooperation;
  • The second is more technical, addressing the nation’s social legislation, tax structure, and more.

The documents can be downloaded from the NACRe website.

NACRe is a French regional cultural agency under the purview of Conseil Régional et la Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Rhône-Alpes. The agency has two primary missions: assisting with public policy and providing structural support for the professional performing arts. NACRe implements projects in four areas: artistic and cultural entrepreneurship, performer mobility, regional cultural development, and digital cultural development.