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Understanding the Music Industries

Understanding the Music Industries is a textbook that guides readers to a full understanding of the processes that drive the music industries. More than just an exposé or 'how to' guide, this book gives readers the tools to make sense of technological change, socio-cultural processes, and the constantly shifting music business environment, putting them on the front line of innovation and entrepreneurship in the future.

Packed with case studies, this book

  • Takes the reader on a journey from Glastonbury and the X-Factor to house concerts and crowd-funded releases;
  • Demystifies management, publishing and recording contracts, and the world of copyright, intellectual property, and music piracy;
  • Explains how digital technologies have changed almost all aspects of music making, performing, promotion, and consumption;
  • Explores all levels of the music industries, from micro-independent businesses to corporate conglomerates;
  • Enables readers to meet the challenge of the transforming music industries.

Written by Chris Anderton, Andrew Dubber and Martin James, this book is a primer for understanding and getting ahead in the music industries, particularly for students of popular music in media studies, sociology and musicology.