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La politique culturelle en débat. Anthologie (1955-2012)

La Politique culturelle en débat. Anthologie (1955–2012), edited by Philippe Poirier, has just been published by La Documentation française.

The publisher describes the anthology as follows:

"Cultural policies implemented by the state and regional governments since the creation of a culture ministry have been the subject of much debate in past decades. This was the thinking behind an anthology of texts of state cultural policies since 1955. They come from a wide range of sources: political speeches, reports from cultural administrators, the thoughts of academics and activists, and so on. In this new edition, the decision has been made to cite each source in full. A full bibliography is available at the end of the volume.

Personalities quoted in the work include André Malraux, Pierre Bourdieu, Jacques Duhamel, Georges Pompidou, Maurice Druon, Michel Guy, Augustin Girard, François Mitterrand, Jack Lang, Alain Finkielkraut, Marc Fumaroli, Michel Schneider, Olivier Donnat, Jacques Rigaud, Jean-Pierre Vincent, Emmanuel Hoog, Jack Ralite, René Rizzardo, Catherine Tasca, Jean-Jacques Aillagon, Jeanne Laurent, Jean Vilar, Jacques Chirac, Renaud Donnedieu-de Vabres, Nicolas Sarkozy, Antoine Compagnon, Pierre Nora, Jean-Pierre Rioux, Olivier Poivre d’Arvor, Bernard Faivre d’Arcier, Aurélie Filipetti..."